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Is Your Home Smart Enough to Sell Quickly?

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When you’re selling your home, you’ll do whatever you can to help it stand out and sell faster – fresh paint, staging, pricing, hiring a real estate agent…

In an age where almost everything is just one-touch away on a smart phone, technology has taken center stage.  These “smart” features are convenient and appealing to many.  But, “smart” features aren’t just limited to apps on your phone.  Did you know there are “smart” features for your home too?  While adding these features to your home may not increase the sales price, it can have an effect on how quickly your home sells and a quick sale is definitely a win!!

According to IHS Markit and CNBC, 80 million smart home devices were delivered worldwide last year. That’s a 64 percent increase from 2015.

Here is a list of six things you can do to “make your home smart” and increase it appeal to buyers.

Keys are so yesterday – Keyless/remote entry door locks

You’re driving down the highway on your way to the beach.  Suddenly a terrible thought crosses your mind – “did

I lock the door?”  You know you’ve done it!  Or have you ever found yourself staring at the dog door gauging whether or not you can shimmy through it because you’re locked out?  If your home is equipped with a keyless/remote entry door lock, you can use an app on your smartphone to lock/unlock the door from wherever you are. Some manufacturers make versions that will also send a text or email to your phone when the door opens. Locks that can be programmed with multiple entry codes also allow you to see who comes and goes and when.

Let there be light – Smart lighting

Today, lighting is a lot more than just a bulb in a lamp.  Automated lights allow you to control them remotely and wirelessly, often from an app on your smart phone (gotta love those apps!).  There are even smart bulbs that can be linked to your security system and cameras.  With smart lighting, you’ll never have to walk into a dark house again!

Back away form the door – DIY security systems

It would be great if no one felt the need to have a home security system, but today many buyers are looking for just that.  Security systems and contracts can be expensive, but you can now buy the equipment you need and install it yourself with no need for a security service to monitor and send you a monthly bill. Many offer security features like cameras, sensors, motion detectors and alarms or sirens that can all be controlled directly from…you guessed it…an app on your phone.

Talk to me appliances

While appliances aren’t always included in the home sale, they do make for interesting features that can keep your home top of mind with buyers.  Today, many manufactures make smart appliances that include washers, dryers and refrigerators that you can communicate with wirelessly.  Don’t know if you have celery in your fridge? Just ask your refrigerator.  Can remember if you turned the coffee pot off before leaving the house?  Don’t think about it all day – just check your phone.


Smart plugs

One of the easiest, most affordable smart home upgrades you can make is to add smart plugs to your home. These Wi-Fi-enabled plugs fit existing outlets and can be controlled from a smartphone app. Plug anything into a smart plug, like lights or a television, and you can turn it on or off remotely, track energy consumption, or even create an on-off schedule.

Hot! Hot! Hot! – Smart temperature controls

Everyone knows how hot the summers in North Carolina.  Programmable thermostats can be controlled remotely from a mobile device, which you can use to automatically make temperature adjustments. Some smart thermostats learn from household behavior and adjust the temperature to meet your family’s needs and save energy, while others adjust based on the number of people in a room. And several can now be operated via voice-controlled virtual assistants.

It’s truly a brave new world.  If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, contact me today!


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